Liz Wyan

Liz Wyan has been a part of the medical community since the age of 16 when she became an EMT for the local life squad in Maine.  After relocating here to Cincinnati, she went on to become a Paramedic and had the honor of working 16 years in Emergency Services for several local Fire Departments. She has also worked for the Cincinnati Eye Bank procuring corneas transplant across the Tri-state for a decade. Her life has been dedicated to the service of others and Reiki Healing is now a part of that service.  

After experiencing the healing effects of Reiki Healing for herself, she knew exactly that she wanted to learn about this amazing technique and became very successful in facilitating it. The positive impact it made on her life affected those people she knew and has inspired her to make it as a career and a medical background in all different aspects in her life. She decided to focus more on the holistic healing in order to heal others and provide wellness in every people's lives.

The positive impact it made on her life created inspiration to other people that she is surrounded with and took her career in medicine into a different direction. She has learned to focus more on the holistic avenues that is open to health and well-being for the others people’s lives.

Essential oils have become an integral part of her life in general. The Aromatherapy modality created a topical and internal application on all therapeutic grade oils. This is the fact hwy therapeutic grade oils are  able to help and support the human body system for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and healthy baseline

If you are looking for an essential oil to help support your daily lifestyle or in need of energy boost therapy, she is looking forward to working with you and be supportive on your journey towards health and body wellness.


From Karen Reid
“I met Elizabeth at a family reunion.  We share a love for Reiki and cats!  I was having irritation in my eyes, shoulder discomfort and stress.  Even though we are almost 900 miles apart, at the assigned time for my Distance Reiki session I felt the energy right away!  Elizabeth focused on the areas we had discussed.  My eyes were pulsing and my body began sighing and relaxing after only 5 minutes.  I felt held in Sacred Space, feeling safe to drop the tension in my body, feeling held in a Oneness of Spirit.  Halfway through my 30 minutes, tingles of energy were flowing from my low back down my legs and up to my shoulders.  I felt peaceful and my thoughts became still.  When I got up from my session I realized my shoulder discomfort was gone!  My Body, Mind and Spirit were in a Blissful state!  Distance Reiki is just as restorative as In-Person Reiki!  Elizabeth is compassionate and dedicated and delivers powerful healing energy!  I look forward to more Reiki sessions with her to give myself that extra boost of energy to overcome difficulties! 

From E. Grannen

“I loved my experience with Liz. I walked in stressed out and tense, walked out relaxed and feeling amazing. Felt like a million dollars after my session! Thanks Liz!”


“Liz, as a Reiki practitioner, has helped me to find a bit of calm as I navigate through the issues and guilt and pressure of dealing with an intimidating, aging father who needs help, but is not willing to accept it gracefully and who controls the world of my mother whom I love dearly.”  

To make an appointment with Liz Wyan, please call (513) 616-7531 or email her at
Available Hours:
Monday-Thursday 7pm-10pm
Friday-Sunday 10am-10pm

• Hourly Rates and Half-Hour Rates are available for $35.00 (30 minutes) and $55.00 (60 minutes) for a Reiki Energy Healing session.
• All Essential Oils consultation is at free of charge with a Reiki Energy Healing session.

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