Linda Ruddy


Linda is a lifelong Cincinnati resident and has worked in many fields, but has always been most passionate about natural healing.  She has learned about many different healing modalities over the years, which she incorporates into your Life Session to optimize results for self-healing.

She most recently helped clients and managed at the Healing Inspirations Center.  Many people trusted and confided in Linda with their health problems and always felt that they left there with much more than a great massage due to all of her many helpful products and ideas.

Linda also loves using quality essential oils and far-infrared heated Biomats filled with amethyst, tourmaline and jade crystals.  Everyone can definitely benefit from a time-out for some deep healing relaxation with aromatherapy, while experiencing a Biomat session for an hour to feel rejuvenated.

Our CBD product line is often recommended, as it can help with so very many health issues, which she can educate you on and discuss according to your needs.

Schedule your Life System and/or Biomat session with Linda today as she looks forward to helping you, your family and friends to live a relaxed, peaceful and healthy life in natural ways for the greater good of all.



*Biofeedback Life Session:  $85.00 per hour
1st session lasts 2 hours and includes a complimentary 30 minute Biomat Session

*Biomat Session with Aromatherapy:  $40 per hour,  $25 per half-hourEnjoy your stress-free escape on our therapeutic far-infrared heated biomat filled with natural Amethyst and Tourmaline crystals with certified pure therapeutic grade essential oil aromatherapy personalized just for you!

*Ask about referral credits!

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Linda Ruddy
Cell:    (513) 679-1946