Chris Albaugh

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What I didn’t realize for quite awhile is that I was already always on the path. I have come to believe and trust that every one step forward and mis-step back, every take and mistake, every gift and challenge, every choice and circumstance, every question and answer – every single one of my many, sordid and special life experiences have made me exactly who I am. I also believe this is true for you. No matter who you are, where you have been, what you have or have not accomplished. No matter where you are on your own path of adventure, every single one of your own unique life experiences has made you who you are. (And that’s cool).

In my life, I have experienced external success in a variety of forms – as a business owner, a performer, an artist, in marketing, sales and more. On the other end of the spectrum, I have experienced great despair. More than once, I’ve tried to end my own life. At one time, I lost just about everything I owned. What is interesting is that I have found that it has been in the darkest of times – the times when I lost hope, lost possessions, lost connections and self-respect - these are the times when I have grown the most.

For a long time, I judged, avoided, medicated and in many (fascinating and sometimes ingenious) ways tried to overcome my own reality; to deny my truth. At this point of my life, anyone who knows me knows that I’m an open book - full of life stories that often take people off-guard. If you ever want to know, just ask; I enjoy sharing it all, especially when I see how my experience might relate to you and how to help you enhance your world.

Through my practice of meditation, my training in energy healing and studies of universal principles of holistic living, I have learned the power of self-acceptance. On a daily basis, I consciously integrate these practices and principles into my own life and help others to do the same. The process is simple, yet powerful. I call it The GAUGE Method, which stands for Gratitude, Awareness, Unity, Growth and Energy. Each principle stands alone and all of them work harmoniously together. The way we apply them is customized to your life and individual desires in the present moment. The GAUGE Method is designed to weave mental, emotional and physical energies into harmonious alignment, providing both support and encouragement to live your most authentic, happy, healthy and harmonious life.

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