Chris Albaugh


Manager, BLISS Heart Mind Body Collective

He is part in the original creation and manifestation of BLISS Heart Mind Bod y Collective, Chris brings his strong desire to hold space for healing community, compassionate energy and a profound knowledge in many areas of holistic healing modalities to our collective. As Manager of BLISS, Chris brings a spirit of responsibility and play to all aspects of BLISS, including open hours for our holistic retail store and coordinating services, events and communication with our unique holistic healers. Chris has a vast background in multiple modalities of business, marketing, sales, entrepreneurship, talent management, energy healing and transformational coaching. 
Holistic Healer & Life Enhancement Guide
Chris is also offering 1:1 holistic healing services and ongoing Life Enhancement programs at BLISS. He helps people who struggle with stress, anxiety, grief, trauma and being out of balance.  He offers the ability to be present and connect with unconditional love – self and others. As a Holistic Healer & Life Enhancement Guide, Chris specializes in unifying the energies of mind, body and BE-ing, utilizing universal principles and integrating them into daily practices.  Founder of and creator of The GAUGE Your Life System, his training and knowledge are derived from both ancient and modern teachings of Reiki, Tantra, meditation, crystal healing, cognitive behavior therapy as well as dedicated ongoing study and practice.