Bliss Circle of Friends

Partnering up to make a difference.

BLISS Heart Mind Body Collective is a collaborative group of individually owned and operated holistic wellness practitioners that share a common space. BLISS has strived to be a community-driven holistic center that listens and responds to the needs of the local communities within Greater Cincinnati. We serve the local community not only through providing holistic treatment services and wellness workshops but also through community services, partnerships and collaboration.

BLISS Circle of Friends is a group of holistic professionals who collaborates with the residents of BLISS Heart Mind Body Collective. Our hope is that this will foster trust, greater practice, transparency and provide support for one another and better serve those in need.


BLISS Circle of Friends Directory

Chris Albaugh Life Enhancement Guide & Reiki Master
Enhancing Your World
Esly Caldwell Acupuncturist Caldwell Family Wellness
Diane Yowell Professional Life Coach Tuned In Coaching Professional Services
Ryan Elizabeth Light Spiritual Guide & Artist Galactic Spiritual Guide
Jaramy Carmody Massage Therapist Jaramy Caramody