Ara Aranzamendez

One could say that being an entrepreneur literally runs in Ara Aranzamendez blood. While growing up in the Philippines, her mother was an entrepreneur and set an invaluable example regarding how to conceptualize, execute and operate a business. This experience combined with her innate desire to create led her to study Business Management and Computer Graphics Design.

In 2004, she founded her own web design and branding company, Aranzamendez Design. Her company helped small and medium-sized businesses successfully launch their brand from the ground up. She also helped give "facelifts" to 100-plus-year brands that were in desperate need of reconnecting with their modern-day consumer base. The core success of her business was the ability to “emotionally brand” – creating designs that made emotional connections in a strategic way.

Ara has lived and breathed creativity ever since her days growing up in her family’s fine jewelry business. In 2014, she founded ADORN USA  to showcase her voice as a jewelry designer with her signature entrepreneurial spirit. This year, she was inspired to create the Chakra Therapy jewelry line by a sense of going back to nature. With the busy world we live in, most of us have forgotten that we are part of this beautiful world in which we live. Being a vital part of nature moves us to care about and protect our natural surroundings, leading to a more sustainable world for us all.

Ara is available for Intuitive Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing. She will realign your subtle bodies and bring yourself back into rhythm with your life’s natural path and healing on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

It is excellent complementary treatment for all issues ranging from emotional issues such as past trauma, abuse, grief, anger. Mental illnesses such as depression, stress and anxiety. Physical illness  such as chronic pain and fatigue, adrenal exhaustion, fertility issues and much more.


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